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Thillai Rajan

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Professor, Dept. of Management Studies, IIT Madras


An associate at Harvard Kennedy School, Dr. Thillai Rajan is a revered professor at Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He co-founded YNOS Venture Engine, where they offer a suite of products and programs for early-stage entrepreneurs, innovators, research centres and investors. He also co-founded GeoNomics Research & Technologies, an infrastructure analytics & consulting firm focused on infrastructure governance. His articles are highly sought-after in The Hindu Business for which he is a regular contributor. His core areas of expertise include venture capital and private equity, project and infrastructure finance, Public-Private Participation (PPPs) and corporate finance.

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  • Organisation:Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • Designation:Professor
  • Industry:Infrastructure
  • Function:Finance
  • Location:Chennai
  • Delivery Type:Varied

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