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For nearly 25 years, Andrew Bryant has been helping individuals and organizations, such as Microsoft, Deloitte, and Singapore Airlines, to develop Self-leadership. His 2012  book 'Self Leadership: How to Become A More Successful Efficient, and Effective Leader from the Inside Out (McGraw-Hill)' has been cited in over 130 research papers and Ph.D. dissertations.

His latest work, ‘The New Leadership Playbook’ is changing the leadership conversation in a post-pandemic world.

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Andrew has deep knowledge of leadership, change, and transformation, based on nearly 25 years of experience and research.

His 2023 signature keynote is: "Driving Accelerated Results with Self-leadership".

The Audience will learn:

1. Self-leadership means accepting responsibility for your results. You don't blame other people and you don't make excuses. This can be challenging during times of uncertainty; however, a self-leader sees options and grasps opportunities when others are waiting to be rescued.
2. We are born into a frame of mind that is reinforced by our early experiences, and education. Unless we become aware of these frames of mind and take ownership, we will be destined to firefighting one issue after another until we are exhausted.
3. You can’t lead others unless you first lead yourself. As you increase your self-awareness and embrace self-learning and self-regulation you will get results.
4. There is a formula, and that formula is that Clear Expectations X Mindset & Motivation X Right Behaviors = Accelerated Results.

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  • Organisation:

    Self Leadership International (Singapore)
  • Designation:

    Motivational Speaker
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  • Location:

    Sintra, Portugal
  • Delivery Type:

    Keynote Talk
  • How to increase ownership and responsibility
  • How to drive accelerated results
  • What conversations do leaders need to have
Learner’s Speak – A testimonial

"Passionate. Insightful. Practical. Three words come to mind when I think of Andrew's speeches and workshops. He has a knack for keeping participants engaged and his interactive style keeps an audience, be that 12 people or 12k people, eager to learn more from him. His high energy levels and customized presentations appeal to audiences across multiple levels. He is at ease working with a culturally diverse audience as is aware of nuances of learning that come from different cultural learning styles. I have seen Andrew in action more than once and each time it has been a great learning experience!"

Dr. Tanvi Gautam, HR influencer. Business School Faculty

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