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Jayantika Soni

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Jayantika Soni is the Co-Founder and a senior technology professional at Resync, an Intelligent Energy Management platform. She started her career as oil and gas engineer at Indian Oil Corporation, a leading petroleum company in India, until she realized that she wanted to be a part of the revolution to transform the energy landscape. With this mindset, she started her PhD in power and energy at the National University of Singapore under Prof. S.K. Panda. She was a part of the project SinBerBEST where the technology she developed could be adopted in smart and sustainable buildings. Jayantika has an expertise in problems faced by in the smart grid and building industry, particularly inefficient operation of energy assets like renewables, energy storage, implementation of demand side management and their bigger implications on the energy grid. As one of the very few female experts in the power and energy sector, she is regularly invited as guest speaker or panel member in various conferences like the Singapore International Energy Week. In addition to this, she regularly volunteers and chairs many of the IEEE Singapore societies.

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  • Organisation:Resync Technologies
  • Designation:Co-founder and CTO
  • Industry:Energy
  • Function:Executive
  • Location:Singapore
  • Delivery Type:Keynote Talk

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