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Profile: Ms. Gupta is the Chief Investment Officer at DBR V*************Login to view the full profile
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  • Organisation: DBR Ventures
  • Designation: Chief Investment Officer
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Function: Executive
  • Location: Kanpur
  • Delivery Type: Keynote Talk
Profile: Ms. Gupta is the Chief Investment Officer at DBR Ventures. She also holds office as a senior management professional at Jagran Group, a business house with interests spanning across media & communications, education, real estate and hosiery exports. She has been managing and executing the investment strategy for the group which is aligned with the promoter’s values. Ms. Gupta has been involved in diversifying the family’s portfolio through angel investments and is currently working with two investment firms as a limited partner. The expert has been a keynote speaker on various investment topics. She holds a PhD in Economics from IIT, Kanpur, post graduate diploma in business studies from Harvard University, and a Master’s degree in Economics from Northeastern University.

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