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The expert is a tech consultant and dynamic entrepreneurship and leadership speaker. With over two decades in the tech field, he transitioned into speaking after software roles and an entrepreneurial endeavor. Having been a young entrepreneur, he understands the journey's challenges. His talk "Becoming a Better Entrepreneur" imparts key traits for success. Addressing college students with "University of Life," he emphasizes learning from life experiences. Amit's sought-after status stems from his passionate stage presence. Advocating for nurturing Indian business minds and youth, he ...Read More

The expert is a startup and technology consultant by profession and an entrepreneurship and leadership speaker by passion. Having worked in the tech world for over two decades, he found his calling as a speaker after several stints with software companies and an entrepreneurial venture under his belt. Having been a young entrepreneur himself, he is well versed with the common obstacles and pitfalls that form a part of an entrepreneur’s journey. This also helped him build what is now his signature talk for upcoming entrepreneurs, called “Becoming a Better Entrepreneur”, where he discusses the essential traits that one needs to cultivate in order to be a successful entrepreneur and turn one’s vision into reality. Another demographic that forms an equally big, if not bigger part of his audience is college students. Called “University of Life”, he speaks about his conviction in the fact that the most important lessons you need to learn are taught by life, and not in schools and colleges. He teaches his audience to identify and learn from both pleasant and bitter experiences, and take away the right message from every incident. One of the reasons the expert is a sought-after entrepreneurship and leadership speaker is the pure passion and energy that he brings to the stage. A strong advocate of nurturing and encouraging the spirit of budding business minds and the youth in India, Amit finds anecdotes and lessons from his life and paints a vivid picture that his audience can relate to. He forges a unique connection with every set of people that he talks to, and this, he believes, is what makes his speeches exceptionally effective.

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    Solutions by Amit Patel
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    It & Ites
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    Information Technology
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    Surat, India
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    Workshop or Seminar
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