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Srijata Bhatnagar is a professional speaker, a life coach and an entrepreneur. She has already inspired more than 10,000 people through her talks, one-to-one coaching, videos and quotes. The fact that she was initially an employee and then turned entrepreneur helps her see both sides of the coin. With more than 20 years of experience (building two businesses, speaking professionally and coaching numerous companies and individuals), she is a repository of transformational knowledge.

Srijata has been through various kinds of setbacks in her life, thanks to her inquisitive nature, her circumstances and her start-up experiences. Given the nature of her work, she meets and works with leaders from many industries – leaders who have also been through setbacks.

Srijata shares her unique, empowering and powerful points of view with her audiences. She delivers her message and coaches people through engaging real-life stories, amusing incidents, embarrassing self-deprecating humour, personal life experiences, and at times, even a narration of painful setbacks. Her forte lies in guiding businesses and individuals to rise beyond their fears, doubts and limiting beliefs and achieve holistic success in their respective professions and lives. No wonder she is an expert in the area of Setback Leadership.

Srijata is known as the \"Iron Lady who can cry”, too. Be sure to ask her why she got this name. There is a fascinating story behind it!




  • Setback Leadership - Recently published
  • Souls Sojourn - Published (Co-authored)
  • Delete, Logoff & Shutdown Corruption - Published (Co-authored)
  • Labyrinth of relationships - Amazon Bestseller (Co-authored) 




  • Exceptional Woman of Excellence 2019




  • Professional Speakers Association India - Hyderabad Chapter Core Member
  • Women Economic Forum - Member and Speaker


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