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Sidharth Sogani

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Sidharth Sogani is the Founder and CEO of CREBACO, a pure research based company working with the best professionals globally Building trust. They focus on making the industry a safer place for retail and institutional investor, who aims at auditing projects related to Block chain technology, Crypto-currencies, digital asset exchanges. He has a vision of making the industry more reliable and trustworthy by recognizing the potential projects in the space. He is also among board members of Block Next Solutions, which is a Crypto Portfolio Management Company. Sidharth is even associated with FasterCapital, Sogani Nexus Pvt. Ltd. and Sogani Group. He is experienced with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry. He is skilled in Textile Industry and has in depth knowledge of Knit Fabrics of Cotton. He has entrepreneurship skills with understanding of online retail on Marketplaces. A strong professional with an MBA focused in International Business & Finance, Sidharth has a detailed understanding of documentation process relating to exports, Imports and Currency.

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  • Organisation:Crebaco Global
  • Designation:Founder and Chief Executive Officer and the Author of the New York Times
  • Industry:Financial Services
  • Function:Executive
  • Location:Singapore
  • Delivery Type:Varied

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