Senela Jayasuriya

Senela Jayasuriya

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Senela Jayasuriya

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Senela, a global speaker, award-winning leadership trainer, and certified coach, is dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey of self-development, encouraging them to bring their authentic selves to the workplace. With a track record of working with over 15,000 individuals, she specializes in unlocking hidden potential, addressing fears, and dismantling self-limiting beliefs to elevate careers and enhance performance. Senela's expertise revolves around heart-centered leadership and conscious goal setting. Her extensive training spans across various sectors, showcasing a di...Read More

Senela's motto is to help others achieve higher performance for a higher purpose. She is an award-winning global speaker, leadership trainer & certified coach and has worked with over 15,000 individuals to date to help them tap in to their hidden potential, face their fears, and overcome self-limiting beliefs to turn around their careers around and increase their performance effectiveness.


Much of her work focuses around heart-centered leadership and conscious goal setting. She has multi-sectorial training experience having worked with a diverse portfolio of companies and professionals on various training and development needs. Senela especially enjoys working with programs that empower youth, children and women.


She has received numerous awards internationally for her work in empowering individuals for peak performance. She is passionate about helping people discover their potential for higher-performance, for a higher purpose.

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  • Organisation:

    Women Empowered Global
  • Designation:

    Global CEO, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & DEI Speaker and Empowerment Coach
  • Industry:

    Education And Training
  • Function:

  • Location:

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Delivery Type:

    Workshop or Seminar
  • How can women lead more effectively (Womens career development)
  • What are the keys to be a successful startup
  • How can I build my confidence and overcome fear of speaking and presenting
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