Ridhwan Yusoff

Ridhwan Yusoff

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Ridhwan Yusoff

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5.0 rating

Ridhwan is a facilitator and coach specialising in using brain-based career conversations to glean insights for action. Well-versed in using blended learning to deliver an inclusive learning experience, Ridhwan has trained over 100 000 learners in Asia in diverse topics from design thinking, innovation and enterprise, leadership and project management. 

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Known for his creative training methodologies, he injects a catalytic blend of positive energy and resonant experiences throughout his trainings. Passionate about making a difference, Ridhwan believes in the power of experiences in inspiring transformations. He envisions training & development as a platform for every person to discover the limits of their potential — and exceed them. Ridhwan’s niche lies in brain-based facilitation where he combines the practical use of neuroscience with the art of facilitation to create insightful learning experiences for his participants. This includes blending face-to-face training with emerging technologies without a loss in learner engagement . He is able to engage participants in a meaningful way and create interactive learning moments by leveraging on Edtech tools such as Kahoot, Micro, Gimkit and Mentimeter. Ridhwan is also a GALLUP-certified Strengths Coach. Using a strengths based methodology he has coached over 1000 learners in understanding how to utilise a strengths-based approach to optimise personal effectiveness, change management and leadership development. Using a strengths-based approach, he has worked with middle managers and executives to create organisational cultures that are built on diversity, equity and inclusion. In his 12 years of training experience, Ridhwan has worked with a variety of organisations to create, plan and deliver customised learning programmes across various genres that include critical thinking, well-being, design thinking, 21st Century skills and leadership development. This list includes the Singapore Armed Forces, Health Promotion Board, Housing Development Board, RHB Bank, University College of London and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 

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    Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group
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    Group Lead, Curriculum, Learning and Innovation
  • Industry:

    Education And Training
  • Function:

    Research and Development
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  • Self-Motivation and Goal Setting: How can I bring positive change in my life and career?
  • How tech can help to bridge the gap between realities and expectations?
  • What makes you truly valuable at the workplace?
Learner’s Speak – A testimonial

Ridhwan is one of the rare talents I've encountered who's creative, eloquent, expressive and always bubbling with fresh ideas in coming up with engaging training programmes. What I like about him is his constant drive to push the boundaries in training. He is exceptionally energetic and optimistic and is a great joy to work around him.

Leonard Goh, Senior Director, Workforce Intelligence at Oracle Asia Pacific

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Priscilla L

Priscilla L

3 months ago

There is an a dull moment with Ridhwan. He is always full of positive energy which translates into impact during his trainings. He passionate for learning, allows him to stand out from the crowd as he always deploys the latest technologies or learning methodologies into his sessions.

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