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Julien Haye

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Julien leads the Global LGBT inclusion strategy for FIL working closely with senior management and the HR team to nurture FIL??s inclusive and diverse culture. Having worked in less inclusive environments Julien recognises the importance of promoting the benefits of a diverse workforce therefore creating an environment where everyone can be themselves and to be a role model for LGBT colleagues....Read More

I truly believe there are no limits to people’s abilities. There are only the limits we impose on ourselves. I see it as my role to develop, to challenge and ultimately to remove such personal or organisational limits. 


I focus on diagnostic, vision, open conversation and debate. Through effective communication and engagement, I build consensus and empower people and firms to break down the barriers they have built up over the years and thereby enable them to reach their full potential.


As a seasoned risk leader, I advise and challenge Board Directors, CEOs and Senior Executives on risk strategy and culture. In an ever changing and increasingly complex world, I focus on gaining risk and behavioural insights to protect and strengthen strategic business enablers. In doing so, I turn risk management into a positive contributor to business sustainability and resiliency, whilst managing down unexpected events and ultimately also costs.


To help me, I have established an extensive network of experts across the banking and investment management industries who share, exchange and work on common challenges especially on “unknown unknowns” and emergent evolution.


As a gay leader, I decided to speak up and to become the gay role model which I had never had while growing up. I run several initiatives to help the LGBTQ+ community on its journey of self-discovery, such as “A 1000 Voices” which is the personal story sharing platform for LGBTQ+ folks and their straight allies. For many years, I have also been leading the LGBT diversity and inclusion agenda for the firms where I have worked, ultimately making Fidelity International the first asset manager ever to be recognised in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.


Finally, I have had the privilege of mentoring young professionals and entrepreneurs, and I support non-profit organisations as a non-executive. I am also a Visiting Professor at the London Institute for Banking & Finance.

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  • Organisation:

    Fidelity International
  • Designation:

    Global Head of Non Financial Risk
  • Industry:

    Financial Services
  • Function:

  • Location:

    United Kingdom
  • Delivery Type:

  • TRANSforming Culture: Creating work environments that welcome and affirm transgender and gender non-conforming employees.
  • Health and well-being: What are the systems for ensuring physical, emotional, mental, sexual, and reproductive health are all a part of overall thriving of our community?
  • Future workplaces: Strategies for more equitable collaborations, conducive work environment and avoiding gender bias.
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