Hillel Kobrovski
Israel Herzliya, Israel
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Hillel Kobrovski

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Hillel Kobrovski is the Founder and CEO of Innovate or Die, a management consulting firm. This expert is a strategic advisor in the area of Cyber and Network Security, Trends and Technologic Forecast, Organization Innovation, Future Technology, Digital Transformation and is a Mentor for Technology companies in business, developing new products or new services, developing innovative marketing and distribution channels, preparing business plans and technology strategies roadmap. He is a senior lecturer in the areas of Technological Innovation, quantum and micro computing, green energy, artificial intelligence revolution, the IoT revolution, the impact of disruptive innovation on humanity (Technology vs Humanity). Hillel is a FW Guru and Senior Instructor of CISO and Awareness, and a Cyber and Network Security Instructor. He is also a Check Point Certified Instructor (CCSI) since 1999, Fortinet Certified Trainer (FCT) since 2007, Cisco Umbrella Instructor since 2018, and a Senior lecturer for Directors and C3 Management in Innovation and Furthering Technology. Hillel is the Community Manager and Forum Moderator for Digital Community in the area of Cyber and Network Security, IoT Security, Organization Innovation, Cyber and Technological Trends and Forecast, Strategic and Business Developing. He is an alumnus of Israel Institute of Technology and Lahav Executive Education.

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  • Organisation:InnoVate or Die
  • Designation:Founder and CEO
  • Industry:Consulting
  • Location:Herzliya, Israel
  • Delivery Type:Panel Discussion

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