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David Goldsmith

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David Goldsmith is the President and Co-Founder of Goldsmith Organization, a consulting firm solving big challenges for executive clients worldwide in commerce, non-profits /associations, and organizations including the military, government, and education. A few of his clients include Infosys, Ferrari, Wipro, ITW, Dole, Maersk, Techtronics, Lufthansa, Accenture, Harley Davidson, Johnson & Johnson, Etc. Over 30 years, he has founded or co-founded more than a dozen businesses ranging from manufacturing to advertising for which he has earned several awards and accolades. Currently, he is the co-founder and an officer in Buzd, San Francisco-Patent development, N2- SuperGrid/IOT technology, TymSync, and runs an advisory company with Jay Abraham. David has been a speaker at various conferences and events and was named as one of its Top 26 Hottest Speakers. He serves on the national board of directors of the Institute of Management Consultants and has authored more than 500 articles. For 12 years, he taught at New York University, earning NYU’s SCPS Teacher Excellence Award. The expert is a consultant, inventor, advisor, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and author of Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future. His teachings produce “I’ve-never-thought-of-it-that-way” perspectives from leaders across multiple platforms, industries, and environments. He has an MBA from Syracuse University.

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