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Bobby Dsouza

Bobby Dsouza

SpeakIn Expert Speaker

Bobby Dsouza

SpeakIn Expert Speaker

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Bobby  Dsouza is a  highly energetic Virtual Speaker, Motivational, Leadership Speaker and Author of Fallen to Rise. He has 20+ years of Industry experience in the area of People Engagement, Learning & Development,Sales & Service in the B2B & B2B Market. He has empowered 152+ organizations, several associations & events through his highly motivating speeches, He focuses on helping teams & individuals shift to Success mindsets, build courageous leadership traits & fire up the inner motivation to thrive in times of Chaos! He has been featured in Jagran, Teach...Read More

Bobby  Dsouza is a  highly energetic Virtual Speaker, Motivation & Leadership Speaker and Author of Fallen to Rise. 


One of India's premier Keynote Speaker, Inspirational speaker, Motivational Speakers in Mumbai & Musical entertainer who also uses Electronic drumming, human percussion & fun in keynotes to engage, entertain & inspire leaders, diverse teams & people from all walks of life across geographies!

He speaks on building success Mindset, influential leadership & Building sustainable motivation that sparks massive action & accelerated performances!


Bobby Dsouza is one of the best motivational speaker in India, a highly engaging speaker who has inspired 159 corporations & associations, empowering 29560 people in person & 2,51000 online with 20+ years of corporate experience in Learning & Development, B2B /B2C & service Industry. Bobby is a published author of a true unconventional rise from the ashes true story - Fallen to Rise. He has had the privilege of mentoring professionals & students from diverse backgrounds!

Bobby's adventurous journey of once being a confused, lost & depressed construction labourer on the streets of Mumbai with no guide, dealing with innumerable questions to today rising above, tenaciously moving forward & inspiring thousands globally has been one heck of a story that truly moves audiences across geographies!

Bobby has a passionate desire & gift to see people discover that' if he can rise from the Fall', each one can do so! Today, he works with some of the top leading brands, he inspires CEO's, top leadership teams & students virtually & in person! He delivers high Keynotes to large & small audiences / Masterclass & workshops & facilitates inspiring conversations at offsite too! Some of his clients include TATA Aia, Siemens, Rabo Bank,  HDFC Ergo, All-State, State street, Times of India, Maruti Suzuki, HPCL , Mahindra & Mahindra & many more.

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  • Organisation:

    Bobby Dsouza-Author & keynote speaker
  • Designation:

    Keynote Speaker, Author, Motivational Speaker, Musician
  • Industry:

    Education And Training
  • Function:

    Human Resources
  • Location:

    Mumbai, India
  • Delivery Type:

    Keynote Talk
  • Success Mindset
  • Ledership
  • Motivation
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