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Glenn Davies

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Asia\'s #1 Cannabis Entrepreneur & Global CEO


Glenn is a seasoned CEO & Board Director with 25 years of experience leading private & public organizations. Glenn is looking to revolutionize the Industrial Cannabis market and solve some of the world\'s most pressing issues around Disease, Waste, Poverty, Energy & Environmental.

Glenn is currently the Founder & Group CEO of CannAcubed Private Limited, a global diversified Cannabis Company with headquarters in Singapore, and operations in China, Israel, Los Angeles & Africa. Cannacubed has under its Company over 100,000 hectares of land in China where the Group plans to make an economic and environmental impact utilizing the many applications of Industrial Cannabis from CBD Oil for medical benefits, to new materials and bioplastics, to creating alternate clean energy sources.

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  • Organisation:CannAcubed Pte Ltd
  • Designation:Group CEO
  • Industry:Other
  • Function:Executive
  • Location:Singapore
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