We are on a gradual recovery path after the major economic slowdown owing to Covid pandemic. Schools and colleges are now allowing in-person classes, business activity has picked up pace and events have started to once again move from virtual to the real world. Supplementing these positive changes, some top voices have showered the people with a message of hope and positivity with their speeches. These thought leaders continue to inspire the people to sail through the turbulent times and help others in the process. In the latest edition of the Top Trending Speakers, SpeakIn seeks to recognize and honor these leaders. Deepshikha Kumar, Founder, SpeakIn comments on the issue, “The world is bouncing back to the pre-covid times faster than was expected. While there are many forces who have made this possible, there are some fantastic human beings among us who have made this leap so smooth. SpeakIn always honours the voices that create a positive impact and we are proud to release the edition featuring the women and the men who have been an inspiration and have imparted positivity to the lives of others”. For the latest edition, SpeakIn presents the Top Speakers for February 2021:

Sudha Murthy Popular Indian Author and a well recognized Social Worker, Sudha Murthy is the Chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. Speaking about women and how women shape society, she comments, “Women play a great role in society as She is a great manager. As a boss, subordinate, daughter, mother, sister, wife, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law she has many roles in different human relationships. She manages all these relationships by and large very well.” She adds, “Woman has a soft power as she influences her children and makes her husband compassionate. Thus, as our ancestors have said, where a woman is respected, such states prosper and where they are ill-treated, states suffer. If you ill-treat a woman your children will become bad and the society will suffer.”

Zarin Daruwala A Chartered Accountant turned CEO, Zarin is the current CEO of Standard Chartered, India. She is widely recognized for her feedback driven management style. Talking about her mantra for life she comments, “I believe in never giving up. This mantra has helped me overcome any challenge in front of me and kept me focussed on the job at hand, be it studies, career, or now as CEO of a MNC bank in India. I always like to challenge the status quo and appreciate people who come with solutions rather than those who say ‘it can’t be done’.” 

Nandita Das Nandita is a versatile Indian actor and director who has acted in over 40 feature films in 10 different languages. Prior to her film career, she has worked with various NGOs as a social advocate and continues to remain a strong voice for issues of social justice and human rights. On breaking boundaries with her bold choices, she comments, “You want your work to show the good and the bad side of the world”. She adds, “If you love your country, you love your people, you love everything that is around you, you are also going to see the good and the bad. Till you don’t see the bad and acknowledge it, how are you going to ever improve it?”

Naina Lal Kidwai Popular Indian Banker and Business Executive, Naina is the former General Manager of HSBC India and the former President of FICCI. Sharing her thoughts on learning from failures, she comments, “Of course we will fall down. Of course, we will break our legs, and there will be times when we don’t even feel like getting up because we are so down and out. But the lessons that we take from those failures will be fantastic. They sometimes make you change course, they sometimes make you reflect on what is working or not working, and that takes you to success. There is absolutely no replacing determination or hard work.”

Sutapa Sanyal The first woman IPS officer to serve as the Director-General of UP Police, Sutapa Sanyal is a recognized consultant and advisor on Diversity & Inclusion, Women's Leadership, and Child Rights. Sharing her thoughts behind her advocacy of inclusion and diversity at the workplace, she comments, “I feel that the workspace will be much better if we have a diverse workforce. And more importantly, we should assign value to the people who are bringing in diversity into the workplace so that they are able to give their best to the organization, add value to whatever they are doing and contribute to the larger picture.”

Sagar Daryani Sagar is the Co-founder and CEO of Wow! Momo Foods. An enthusiast who is highly passionate about brand building, Sagar has a dream for a happier India where employment is 100% and healthcare is not a worry for any person. Explaining the reason behind the impeccable customer service in his company, he comments, “Building trust among consumers is very important and that trust builds over a period of time. Today at Wow! Momos, out of every 10 customers we get 9 praises, but we also get 1 complaint. It is very important to give ear to the consumer for that 1 complaint and to work upon it. That is what defines a brand.”

Meenakshi Rajpal Mehta Meenakshi is a results-driven business professional having leadership experience across Financial Services in NBFCs, Retail Sector, and e-commerce Sectors. She was a front runner in launching FS for organized retail in India as Walmart India FS, e-Commerce in Snapdeal, distribution in Brightstar, and for hospitality in the present assignment with OYO. Commenting on the meaning of success, Meenakshi says, “ Success is determination, hard work, loyalty towards your work, learning from your failures and persistence. One should not bother and worry about Success. If you work hard for being significant then success will for sure come to you. And it has to be consistent. Rome was not built in a day. For me success is definitely not how much money I make. It is very simple, how much have I been able to create a difference in the environment, society around me.”

Ajeet Khurana Ajeet Khurana wears many hats: author, angel investor, mentor, advisor. He is the former Head of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee at the Internet and Mobile Association of India and has served as the CEO of Zebpay. Talking about the characteristics of what makes an entrepreneur, Ajeet comments, “What has happened is that because of the way the media and the rest of the world has treated entrepreneurship, we have created this superman. There is no such person.” He continues to add, “The only characteristic required of being an entrepreneur, if you as me is hard work. If you can do hard work, then even if you’re an introvert, cannot speak English, or have poor communication skills, you can still be an entrepreneur.” Nishant Kasibhatla Nishant is a Mindset Mastery Expert and a Global Professional Speaker. He is a Guinness Record holder (2011) in Memory. He helps managers to deliver high-value output by leveraging their mindset, momentum, and mastery. Commenting on the secret of success of the self-made billionaires, Nishant says, “They are passionate, they have clear goals, they have a good purpose, they are hard-working, they are committed, they are confident, but one thing that many people miss out is that they all have committed to life-long learning. They keep on learning new things on a regular basis.” To find out more about such trending speakers and to book them, click here