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Mansi Rastogi

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Mansi Rastogi

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Mansi is a seasoned B2B Brand Advisor with over 17 years of expertise in Brand Strategy, Brand Development, and Design Consulting. Operating under the banner of Rebrand Advisory, she specializes in Strategic Sales-driven Branding for Consultants and B2B Businesses. With a focus on assisting consultants, coaches, and service-based enterprises, Mansi excels in crafting brands that evoke pride and resonate with audiences. Recognizing the importance of brand alignment, she guides businesses through growth phases and pivots by delving into their roots, conducting stakeholder interviews...Read More

The expert is a B2B Brand Advisor with 17+ years of experience in Brand Strategy, Brand Development and Design Consulting. Her knowledge of Branding has helped align Sales with Brand. Her venture Rebrand Advisory focuses on Strategic Sales driven Branding for Consultants & B2B Businesses.

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  • Organisation:

    Rebrand Advisory
  • Designation:

    Chief Brand Advisor - Rebrand Advisory
  • Industry:

  • Function:

  • Location:

    Mumbai, India
  • Delivery Type:

    Workshop or Seminar
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