Clyde Desouza
India Mumbai, India
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Clyde Desouza

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The expert is a VR Filmmaker, speaker and immersive media consultant. His non-fiction book, Think in 3D is well-known with 3D Hollywood filmmakers and is also used as part of syllabus at the University of Southern California, Immersive Media Course. His projects include masterclasses in Virtual Reality at Google MENA, speaking at Film Festivals and setting up collaborative Tech environments for Government and Media institutions. The expert also works with organizations to perfect their in-house ventures in Immersive Media and the XR Cloud. His services include setup, training and handover a lab or incubator and reassure stake holders and investors by showing avenues for tangible ROI. Some of his clients includes the Government of Abu Dhabi, Google MENA, TimesTV Network, Wizcraft International and more. His projects include masterclasses in Virtual Reality at Google MENA, speaking at film festivals and setting up collaborative tech environments for government and media institutions. His debut science fiction novel \"Memories with Maya\" received critical acclaim from science personalities and reviewers. Also, his first VR film, Dirrogate was the only indie VR film to be invited by Samsung and showcased on the SamsungVR platform alongside films by AAA Hollywood studios such as Disney, Warner Bros. And Fox.

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  • Organisation:Real Vision FZ
  • Designation:Consultant
  • Industry:Media and Entertainment
  • Location:Mumbai, India
  • Delivery Type:Keynote Talk

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