LeaderSpeak: Lessons in Leadership and Unlocking The FinTech Potential

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Date: 18 July, 2020
Time: 11:30 AM
Duration: 45 Minutes
Price: Rs. 99

Financial technology (FinTech) has the potential to benefit underserved individuals and communities through: mobile money and e-wallets, crowdfunding (P2P lending and equity crowdfunding platforms), alternative credit scoring, cross-border remittances, payment technologies using digital KYC process, and Regulatory Technology (RegTech). FinTech has already brought financial inclusion to a lot of communities and is at the same time changing the way we traditionally bank. Join us in an engaging discussion with Rishi Gupta as he takes us through what we can achieve by unlocking the country's FinTech potential. The session will also see Rishi decode the leadership traits that aspiring leaders should imbibe to lead a successful organization.