The Future of Work

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Moderator: Nim Sivakumaran, Head, Co.
Speaker: Meena Anand, Managing Director and Head HR, Standard Charterd, Karunesh Prasad, Founder Change, Et Al, Dr Sandy Chong, Founder, Verity Consulting & President, UNAAWA
Date: 27 May, 2020
Time: 05:00 PM
Duration: 45 Minutes
Price: Rs. 99

What changes could be in store for the workplace, the workforce, and the nature of work itself?

Join Nim Sivakumaran (Head, Co.) in conversation with Meena Anand (Managing Director Global Business Services, Standard Chartered Bank), Dr.Sandy Chong (Founder Verity Consulting and President United Nations Association of Australia WA) and Karunesh Prasad (Founder Change Et Al and Former Global Head of Cultural Integration at GE) as they discuss :

The planned Future of Work session seeks to cover:

  1. Productivity: Where and How Teams can work best be it at home or from the office
  2. Embracing Technology: Incorporation of technologies like Zoom, Webex, Hangouts, Meetings etc. as essential part of work culture
  3. Culture: Inclusion and diversity at workplace and company culture during times of crisis
  4. Mental Health: Ensuring mental well being of people at office and at home
  5. Security: Addressing the challenges related to data security, resulting out of remote working