#StartupMasterclass with Anil Joshi: Fundraising & Assessing Investors



In the course, Mr. Anil Joshi, Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures discusses topics ranging from fundraising to assessing investors and startups, equity dilution, and how the pandemic has affected businesses. In this riveting course, Mr. Joshi goes into the finer details of fundraising which include the different stages of fundraising, methods through which funds can be generated, and how one must utilize those funds. A successful investor himself, he provides invaluable knowledge about various ways in which an investor would evaluate startups and also goes on to provide tips about how startups can assess the right investors for their company. He provides details about the different kinds of investors namely angel investors and VC’s and their distinctions and how they can be helpful in their own unique way. To top off he also provides insight into how businesses were affected due to the pandemic and gives tips about how they can survive through it.

Key takeaways

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