SpeakIn Podcast: Tanya Rolfe talks about Finance for Women



Today, we had the opportunity to interview Tanya Rolfe. In this interview, Tanya shares her invaluable insights about her journey, experiences, successes and challenges. She gives her generous words of advice to the new generation of women - about finances, the value of networking and the importance of mentorship. About Tanya Rolfe: Tanya Rolfe is the co-founder at Sophia. Sophia is a financial education platform for financial services companies and corporates who want to offer financial education to their female customers and employees. After years of working in corporate law firms and seeing huge gender issues, Tanya decided that it was time for a change and address gender equality. About SpeakIn: We are Asia's largest learning platform powered by 18000+ expert speakers and coaches. The learning is delivered via customised one-on-one coaching, e-learning videos, blogs, podcasts and live interactive sessions covering 500+ topics in multiple languages

Key takeaways

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