Singapore Budget 2023: With Victor Mills and Deepshikha Anand



An exclusive podcast with Victor Mills, Chief Executive of Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC). He shares his thoughts about the Singapore Budget 2023: What does Budget 2023 hold in store for Singapore, it’s economy and the ecosystem? For all that and much more, listen to the SpeakIn podcast with Victor Mills, Chief Executive of SICC and SpeakIn Expert. Victor speaks with Deepshikha Kumar from SpeakIn. About SpeakIn: We are Asia's largest learning platform powered by 18000+ expert speakers and coaches. The learning is delivered via customised one-on-one coaching, e-learning videos, blogs, podcasts and live interactive sessions covering 500+ topics in multiple languages. About SpeakIn Podcast: SpeakIn is Asia’s largest digital learning platform for executive learning, powered by 18000+ highly curated network of global CxOs, SMEs, Thought Leaders and Academicians. In this inaugural podcast by SpeakIn, we bring the best of thought leaders and their leadership to the region for discussions.

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