In Conversation with Larry Kasanoff



An exclusive podcast with Lawrence Kasanoff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Threshold Entertainment Group. In his conversation, he shares his journey in the entertainment industry, how leaders can incorporate "A Touch of The Madness" to improve their work and personal productivity and performance. To get inspired, listen to the SpeakIn podcast with Larry and Sherwin! About SpeakIn: SpeakIn is Asia’s largest digital learning platform for 1:1 coaching and group speaker sessions for business professionals. Helping learners solve their professional problems of leadership, communication, motivation and more, learning is delivered by a highly curated network of over 18000 global CxOs, SMEs, Thought Leaders and Academicians across 500+ topics. Headquartered in Singapore, SpeakIn has served over 400 enterprise clients and over 1.5 million professionals in 8 countries have learnt on the SpeakIn platform through 1:1 coaching, group speaker sessions and self-paced videos, blogs and podcasts. For more information, visit

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