The Emotionally Intelligent Leadership - Lead from the front


From engaging in the life journey of Sandeep Singh to learning the ways to become an efficient leader, this master class focuses on making the leader emotionally intelligent. The class aims at making the learner self-aware, self regulated and self motivated. The learner will be able to lead the organization and promote growth in the organization in all situations. The class teaches that leading from the front is not merely being in the front but working with your team, empowering them and supporting them which yields fruitful results. By understanding and mastering these skills and becoming emotionally intelligent, the learner will be able to lead the organization in a proactive manner. 

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Key takeaways

1. How to Lead a Team 

2. Leadership in Crisis

3. Scaling a buisness 

4. Buisness during the Pandemic 

5. Emotionally Intelligent Leader

6. How to grow your Career


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