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Self development – Introspection and Expression by Yash Tiwari


Self Development – Introspection And Expression 

Self Development is a combination of discovering one's own self and unlocking the latent potentials within, and thereafter utilizing them in the best way possible – both, professionally and personally. This course is designed to facilitate individuals at all levels of self development, while also taking them on a journey of in-depth introspection and enhancement of skills required for the expression of one’s own strengths and capabilities. 

Sub-Topic 1 

Where Are You In Life?

Irrespective of what you want to achieve or what level you aspire to reach in life, your journey of self development should always begin by understanding where you truly are right now; on the ladder of achieving your goals and success in life, where you really stand. That is exactly what this segment of the course will help you in realizing about.

Sub-Topic 2 

Capacities and Hindrances

In this segment of the course, we will be unveiling and rediscovering your strengths and Weaknesses with a new, unique, and an unheard perspective. Did you know that there is yet another meaning of the terms ‘Strength’ and ‘Weakness' apart from the one that we all generally know of? This is what this segment will guide you all about.


Sub-Topic 3 

Converting Your Threat Into Opportunity

Is every threat really an opportunity in disguis?. Generally, neither in personal life nor in professional are people able to answer this. This segment will answer the ‘How' and ‘Why' of this question.

Sub-Topic 4 

Do Communication Skills Really Matter?

Throughout our lives, we are told by the people around us to enhance and develop our communication skills to make our presence in both, our personal and professional world really matter. Are our Communication Skills that important in life as they are preached to be? And if so, then how do we truly work on them? This segment of the course will clear all your doubts.

Sub-Topic 5

Written Words (Expression - Part 1)

We all know how to read and write. But how well do we really know about expressing ourselves in a professional or impacting manner through our written words? Have you also faced a similar difficulty sometime in your life while trying to frame out a formal correspondence through your words? This segment will guide you on how to express yourself through written words in the best possible manner.

Sub-Topic 6

Verbal Words (Expression - Part 2)

In this segment of the course, we will be talking about ways to be a better speaker. Public speaking is not just about delivering a talk or a speech. It is about much more than that, having an effect on our day-to-day general life operations. This segment will be guiding you on various untold tips and tricks on how to be an effective speaker, and on how to express yourself in the best possible manner.


Key takeaways

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