During these unprecedented times no matter what kind of circumstances we find ourselves dealing with, we always have the power to make the best of our situation as the choice is ours and we can make well-informed decisions everyday through mastering ourselves. Its time to Reignite, our Motivation, our Belief in ourselves and our ability to accomplish incredible things. Personal Mastery will strengthen our confidence and help take 100% responsibility for our life and our results.

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Juvi Alex has, over time, become synonymous with life-transformation and goal-attainment for the countless people that have had the fortune of attending one of her programs. This is not particularly surprising, given that her inspirational speeches and interactive sessions have shown a multitude of students and working professionals the mantra for success that has guided her through her illustrious career. Being one of the foremost Corporate Trainers and Speakers in the industry, she has made a lasting impact on the lives of employees at renowned corporates like Cognizant, Capgemini, Value Point, Atkins, Weinerberger, Flutura to name a few and the students of colleges such as Christ University, Jain University, Dayanand Sagar University, Sacred Heart College and many more. To her credit, she has also inspired thousands of Young Minds to live a life of purpose by unleashing their full potential. In her capacity as a ‘StoryShower’, she has led the way in enabling her clients to script their own success stories through her enriching workshops and interactive coaching sessions as well. The most recent feather in the cap came in the form of an award presented to her as the South India Women Achievers Award – 2019. .

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