Marketing and Keeping Your Brand Alive in times of Distress


In this course, the speaker talks about the importance of branding from the customer's point of view.

Key takeaways

1. How to advertise in the times of covid?
2. How important is branding for customer delight.

Expert Credentials

Harish Bijoor is a brand management consultant and one of the tallest names in brand marketing in India and the region. He runs a unique boutique consulting outfit branded “Harish Bijoor Consults Inc.”, a brand name that has a consulting presence across the markets of Hong Kong, Seattle, London, Istanbul, Dubai, and the Indian sub-continent. Harish has spent his career across the aggressive realms of FMCG, Telecom, and Consumer Durables. He is considered a marketing practitioner and thinker who is ahead of the consumer thinking curve, year on year. Harish is a public speaker who speaks to corporate audiences across the globe in the realm of motivation, people-management issues, brands, marketing, and business at large.

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