Thinking of writing a book? Hear from Paul Dupuis, Managing Director at Randstad India, on how to overcome the writers' block.

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Paul Dupuis is the Managing Director of Randstad Japan, the global leader in the HR services industry. From a young backpacker, sleeping on a park bench in Japan, to leading one of the biggest corporate giants in the Asia-Pacific region, Paul Dupuis has built a career through game changing leadership – crafted through his own real-life experiences as an athlete, volunteer and CEO. His E5 framework is a unique leadership model - a call to action to all leaders, globally, to inspire and lead for change.

Top Reviews

Shreekant Shiralkar

Shreekant Shiralkar

8 months ago

Paul's journey in crafting his book using 'voice memos' as a content repository is a fascinating tale. It struck a chord with me, as it reminded me of my own experience. Many years ago, when I published my first technology book, I traversed almost a similar path, by utilizing my personal notes and articles, as the primary wellspring of content.

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