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Hiring and Inspiring Talent


When it comes to recruiting and collaborating with talent, very few get it right. This course, presented by mr. srinidhi rao can come in handy. On completion, the viewer can make more informed choices as regards hiring the right talent, incentivizing employees, and establishing great cultures.

module 1: The correct partner can make all the difference

module 2: If these traits are found in candidates, one need not look any further.

module 3: Never lose sight of the big picture when hiring.

module 4: Employers have to find the maximum talent using minimum resources.

module 5: Incentives should be of the right kind.

module 6: In a pandemic, keeping the team close is vital for stability.

module 7: People do what you do, and don’t do what you say

module 8:Understand and communicate perspectives in the workspace.

module 9: Preserving the integrity of a workplace is vital.

Key takeaways

  1. What To Look For In A Co-Founder?
  2. Avoiding Short-Term Motivators
  3. Establishing The Right Incentives
  4. How Should A Startup Hire?
  5. Setting Up Good Cultures
Module - 1
  1. Balancing Goals
  2. Wearer Of Many Hats
  3. Self-Managing Capacity
Module - 2
  1. Dual Constraints
  2. Beyond Skill Fitment
  3. Company Fit Not Role Fit
Module - 3
  1. HR Perspective
  2. Picking Top-Notch Talent
  3. Experience
Module - 4
  1. Aspiration Above Money
  2. Sense Of Belonging
  3. Trusting Talent
Module - 5
  1. Transparency
  2. Looking Holistically
  3. Giving And Soliciting Feedback
Module - 6
  1. Strong Vision
  2. Actions Consistent With Vision
  3. Keeping Employees Abreast
Module - 7
  1. Employee Surveys
  2. Types Of Surveys
  3. Setting Up A Vocal Culture
Module - 8
  1. Salary Cuts And Layoffs
  2. Subtlety Of Tough Decisions
  3. Calling Out Superstars
Module - 9        
  1. Complement And Supplement
  2. Predictable And Vulnerable
  3. Matching Philosophy

Expert Credentials

Head of Innovation at TheMathCompany

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