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Effective Communication Skills - Part 1



Be it your personal or professional life, communication skills are the most basic skills that are required to excel and climb the corporate ladder. In this course we will learn different aspects of communication both written and verbal. When participants apply this in their daily lives they will surely see a difference and the impact they make.

Sub Topic

[1.The communication process and importance]

Much of the time we take our ability to talk for granted but never really appreciate the ability to speak and make sense. Here we try and understand the communication process, and the flow in the corporate space and how it gains importance for the business and the employees.

[2. Non-Verbal Communication]

Out of the personal communication that we have with others, the Mehrabian rule says that non verbal communication ( i.e body language -55% ) has the maximum impact on the listener. Isn’t it amazing. So let’s find out more the different aspects of non verbal communication and how you can impact and influence others at your workplace.

[3.Written Communication]

They say the pen is mightier than the sword but today we are in the modern corporate battlefield and so let’s understand how does written communication work here.Effective written communication simplifies complex concepts and ideas. We will learn four simple steps to make your written communication effective to put across your ideas.

[4.Verbal Communication]

We should consider ourselves lucky that we can talk so why not use it to connect with each other, foster relationships and use it for your own personal development. Here we learn the effects of lack of communication skills and ways to overcome it.

Key takeaways

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