Opportunities in AI this year and the coming 5 years

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Date: 16 April, 2020
Time: 01:30 PM
Duration: 30 Minutes
Price: Rs. 99

Eyal Amir is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ai Incube, a company aiming to change the way we do everyday things by predicting those everyday information needs for us automatically, precisely, and in large scale. Eyal received his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University in 2002, and also worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of California, Berkeley. His first startup, Faspark, which gave street parking in real time, won the State Farm’s Amplify’d event at NextDoor, and was featured in numerous media outlets.

He works on artificial intelligence with emphasis on building applied systems that make use of knowledge when devising their actions. His articles have been published in numerous scientific publications and other media, and his thesis – Dividing and Conquering Logic – won best thesis for the Computer Science Department at Stanford in 2002.

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