Maintaining Your Mental Health

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Speaker: Nupur Tewari, Anger and Stress Management Counselor, Mental Health Counselor and Community Empowerment Expert, Moderator, Surabhi Shrivastava, Director - Client Relations, SpeakIn
Date: 20 April, 2020
Time: 01:00 PM
Duration: 45 Minutes
Price: Rs. 99

Nupur Tewari is a spiritual healer, a motivational speaker a performance coach, a yoga instructor, a philanthropist, a reporter, an anger and stress management counselor, mental health counselor and a community empowerment expert. She is awarded as the most fabulous woman leader in spirituality and yoga. She is currently involved in her flagship philanthropy project – ‘Heal Tokyo’ which is helping kids across urban slums in India. Heal Tokyo is a socially motivated movement by Nupur Tewari focusing on the core problems of people in Japan and India. Education and work stress being the core problems of India and Japan respectively, Heal Tokyo is a unique way of addressing them at once. Nupur runs her Heal Tokyo project in Tokyo where she teaches Yoga across companies, public places, university campuses and international events, and also holds motivational sessions without charging the participants anything at various places in Japan. The participants immensely feel physically and mentally rejuvenated through yoga and meditation techniques, and offer to contribute generously on their own for the noble cause. Nupur spends the contributions received from them to impart education to under-privileged school kids across India.

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