The 7 Laws of Growth and How to Be a Great Leader

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Speaker: Payal Nanjiani
Date: 15 April, 2021
Time: 06:00 PM
Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: Rs. 499

Despite being in an era of information, having the best training, and resources, organizations face a deep leadership crisis. People are stuck and not growing at their job. And those who are growing, feel pressured to lead in the ever-changing business environment. 

Even if you have the natural ability to be a leader, it takes practice to be a transformed leader. If you want, you must know how to be a transformed leader who can drive change, innovation and growth.

Based on Payal’s globally well-known leadership cycle called The Transformed Leadership Cycle that has to date helped people learn a whole new way to think, act, innovate, lead, and operate, in the new business era. This session is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Key Takeaways

1. Learn the 7 key drivers of leadership that help you reach your potential and build a winning team
2. Work on exercises to challenge 'autopilot' thinking and rewire your brain's pathways to fulfill your potential
3. Know your current leadership level to maximize your growth
4. Develop your leadership presence to take command over any situation
5. Create your leadership blueprint to help you deliver the best results each day

This session will be held on Zoom platform and the link will be shared with you post registration.

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