The Top Influential Voices of August 2020

The Top Influential Voices of August, 2020

This lockdown, SpeakIn has been hosting online dialogues and discussions covering the most relevant issues featuring the top brass and the most seasoned minds. All you need to know of an industry is authentically dissected in these pointed and simple webinar sessions. 


The country has adapted to the times and life is working its way back to normalcy. In August, we turned our attention to contemporary concerns like the role of HR, humanitarianism, literature, journalism, leadership, among more


On SpeakIn’s new push for self-determination, SpeakIn’s Co-Founder Nijansh Verma says, “E-learning is now a viable alternative and with the flexibility of learning at your own pace without the need to travel or the fear of the clock: Who wouldn’t want to switch? We aim to provide that convenience with SpeakIn’s new learning platform, Nimble, where you can consume bite-sized learning content with no limit to your choices.”


Coming up are SpeakIn’s top 10 speakers to watch out, for August and some pieces of their thoughts:


Rajat Gupta (Worldwide Managing Director, Emeritus, McKinsey & Company) 

One of the founders of ISB, where SpeakIn was conceptualized, Rajat Gupta is a name synonymous with innovation and success, having worked with PnG, Goldman Sachs, and American Airlines. The former CEO of McKinsey & Company advises businessmen: “First, you are serving as professionals; Your clients come first no matter what. Second, If you ensure others become successful, they’ll want to have a role in your success too.” 


Abhigyan Prakash (Senior Executive Editor, NDTV)

For over two decades, Abhigyan Prakash has been a symbol of journalistic excellence in India and a change leader. He is the Senior Executive Editor of ABP News and a columnist, with a remarkable stint at NDTV in the past. He feels, “Real journalism happens out there on the streets. We want to move away from studio-based, anchor-driven stories to stories that happen around issues that are least talked about.”


Zainab Salbi (Author| Co-founder,

Named by Guardian in the Top 100 list of Most Influential Women, Zainab Salbi is a well-known humanitarian, entrepreneur, author, and media commentator dedicated to women’s rights. “When a woman shares her story she becomes a candle to another woman and tells her she is not alone and helps her move to the light”, remarks the founder of Women for Women International.


Chitra B. Divakaruni (Indian-American Author|Activist)

Chitra B. Divakaruni is an award-winning and bestselling author, poet, activist, and teacher of writing. Her books have been translated into 29 languages. Known for her poetic imagination, she claims, “Each day has a color, a smell. Each spice has a special day. Like, fennel is the spice for Wednesdays, the day of averages, of middle-aged people – smelling of changes to come.”


Carmistha Mitra (Senior VP HR & Chief Learning Officer, Axis Bank and Group)

Carmistha is the Senior VP HR and Chief Learning Officer at Axis Bank and Group

With productive stints at Coca-Cola and Samsung, she has over two decades of experience in FMCG, Consulting, and now in Manufacturing in Business Management and Heading HR functions. Concise and precise, she believes, “When things happen, they happen with great force.”


Deep Thomas (Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Aditya Birla Group)

Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Aditya Birla Group, Deep Thomas’ career spans over two decades in steering business transformation across global and India blue-chip organizations through Digital and AI. “Intelligence is everywhere, and it allows you to do things at scale and with speed and precision while lowering costs and mitigating risks”, he says emphasizing the crucial role of AI in business.


Indranil Choudhary (President, Head of Human Resources, UTI Mutual Fund)

Mr. Choudhury is the President, and Head of Human Resources at UTI Mutual Fund.

“Today anything mundane and operational is automatic. The expectations from the roles have changed, HR being no exception. And so picking and grooming the right talent has become a more vital operation”, he quotes regarding how the HR is being perceived in a new light.


Amit K. Sharma (Vice President, Head of HR, Volvo Group India)

Amit K. Sharma is the Vice President and Head of HR at Volvo Group India with twenty years of experience under his belt. Talking of the changing roles, Amit is convinced that “The triad of CEO, CHRO, and CFO forms the core of a business, and now the CHRO has become a principal business manager who just happens to specialize in human relations.”


Dishan Kamdar (Vice-chancellor, Flame University)

Mr. Dishan Kamdar is the Vice-Chancellor of the FLAME University. Before this, he was the Deputy Dean and Professor at the Indian School of Business. A leading researcher and an executive coach, Mr. Kamdar said, “If you empower people without allowing them to fail or voice themselves, it is not true empowerment. Failures are growth-lessons, which helps shape talent.”


Suki Sivam (Orator| Writer| Scholar in Tamil)

Suki Sivam is a popular orator, writer, and scholar in Tamil. A host of the popular TV show ‘Indha naal iniya naal’ on Sun TV, he advocates adding leisure to one’s goals apart from the material. His words: “Money is just ten percent. Enjoying the fruits of your sweat is important. Logically speaking, the driver of a BMW enjoys it more than the owner who toiled to buy it.”


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