7 Trends That Will Empower Women in the Next 5 Years, Like Never Before

7 Trends That Will Empower Women

Dear fellow women folks, I have all the reasons to believe that, the present women’s generation is the most empowered one in the entire history of humanity.  Allow me to elaborate on why I think so.

Women of today are making their mark in every sphere of life. Starting from tech to business to sports and even serving in the army.

It is not just astronauts, pilots, and sea divers, but heads of state and even defence ministers. Today, more than ever before, more women are driving, working, achieving financial independence, and much more.

But I believe this is just the beginning and as an eternal optimist, I have all the reasons to believe that we will be empowered more in the next five years, like never before

A seismic shift is happening!

Access to education (91.95% female literacy rate in India), changes in government policies, and social mindsets are converging to create a tidal wave of women’s empowerment over the next five years. Think of these 7 trends as your roadmap to navigate this changing landscape.

1. The Rise of Femtech

Rise of Femtech

No, I’m not talking about the ‘pink gadgets’, ladies!  Femtech is a revolution demanding better healthcare for women. Femtech is projected to touch $1 trillion by 2027. From smart period trackers analysing our cycle to mental health apps designed for us, Femtech is changing the game. This isn’t about shrinking to fit women; it’s about tech finally recognizing our unique needs.  

Better health technology means more energy and fewer missed days due to ignored symptoms. Imagine the jobs we can pursue and the dreams we can chase when our bodies and minds get the support they deserve!  Get ready – Femtech is expanding into menopause, chronic illness, and more. It’s about time we took ownership of our health and unlocked our full potential.

So the better health of women due to Femtech will further empower them with all the freedom to achieve what they want, without holding them back.

2. Evolving Remote Work Policies

Work from home opportunities

Forget clinging to that outdated 9-to-5 grind, ladies! Remote work is a game-changer, and businesses better catch up or get left behind. This isn’t just about skipping the commute (though that’s a bonus). It’s about smashing the glass ceiling, juggling family and career on our terms. 

Remote work isn’t a perk; it’s the key to building a workplace where women (and families) thrive. 

Dads, supportive partners – you’re part of this change too. The partner today is giving more time for the upbringing of their children, powered by paternal/caregiver leaves, weekend offs and modern conveniences. This load sharing is giving more leverage to women to pursue their passion, which will lead to more innovations and contributions from women to society.

3. Global Collaboration and Policy Shifts

Women's Collaborations With Leaders

Think global reach is everything? Don’t forget – true change starts right here. The recent passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill by the Parliament of India, the policy of 6-month maternity leave, drone management training for rural women (lakhpathi Didi), and women businesses’ focused VC funds are a few examples of women-supportive policy changes.

The gender pay gap and limited parental leave are still policy issues to be addressed. As an entrepreneur, I see firsthand how these issues hold women back on many occasions. But I’m sure these and many other women-centric issues will be addressed by governments and leaders across the globe. Once these issues are things of the past, women will be more empowered, and their impact on society will be greater.

4. Financial Literacy Initiatives

Financial Literacy of Women

Remember that friend who always seemed clueless about money?  Surprise – she just bought her first apartment! Turns out, she was secretly devouring podcasts and online resources about investing.  Forget budgeting for brunches – she was building a down payment. This can be a very near future if we start riding the wave of financial literacy. 

Financial literacy is surging, and women can’t afford to be left behind. Think owning property, building your retirement fund, and investing in your dreams! Imagine the freedom of ditching debt and opening doors we used to walk past.  The tools are there – let’s become financially fearless and build the future we deserve!

5. Mentorship and Networking for Women Leaders

Women Networking With Leaders

Imagine scaling a mountain alone, without trails or guides. That’s what navigating leadership or entrepreneurship as a woman can sometimes feel like. I know that feeling firsthand.  But I also know the difference a helping hand makes. Mentorship and networking programs offer that support, those experienced climbers sharing the paths to success. 

A supportive mentor, as I found, can offer invaluable advice on handling difficult situations, negotiating for yourself, and staying true to your vision.  Through SpeakIn (The Largest Spekaer Bureau Network in the World), I have built this global network of women peers, a community celebrating wins, troubleshooting challenges, and echoing those crucial “you’ve got this!” moments.  

I believe women don’t have to climb alone. Women supporting women isn’t just a nice idea; it’s the game-changer for reaching the summit of your career.

6. Shifting Social Attitudes

Women in Airforce

Col. Christine Mau, the first female pilot of the F-35 and squadron leader Avani Chaturvedi the first female fighter jet pilot of India, shattered the notion of professions being “off limits.”  

Women are wielding blueprints as confidently as welding torches, their presence no longer a novelty, but a necessity. Safety gear is finally designed for us, and workplaces adjusting – it’s about time! Imagine the next generation seeing women at the forefront of designing and building our world.  

Attitudes are shifting, potential is slowly being discovered – that’s how we build a future where nothing’s out of reach.

7. AR/VR for Training and Education

Women In healthcare

AR/VR can revolutionise how women learn and train. AR/VR can put a budding female surgeon in a virtual operating room, complete with the pressure of life-or-death scenarios but without the risk to real patients. Basically, it removes the physical presence of an Expert on the spot.

Women aiming to break into male-dominated fields like construction or engineering can practice intricate machinery operations or complex building techniques within perfectly safe simulations. 

These immersive experiences eliminate the need for costly physical setups, remove potential biases present in some traditional training, and offer women the same access to hands-on experience as their male counterparts. It’s about shattering glass ceilings, one virtual brick at a time.


These aren’t just trends – they’re building blocks for a future where women aren’t just catching up; they’re leading the charge. From tech that understands us to policies that support us, it’s time to break free from outdated constraints and embrace our limitless potential.  The next five years promise an era of unprecedented empowerment, and women everywhere are ready to seize it.

Get ready to advance your career, start your own business, and become a force to be reckoned with! Let’s dive into how you can ride this wave and build a future where nothing holds you back.

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