Recognizing Top Experts for Startups in India, 2020 

Start-ups are the backbone of India’s economic future. From generating employment to bringing in innovation, something that starts as a single person’s idea could soon turn into a multi-million dollar company if provided with the right guidance.

A new start-up is born almost everyday but to succeed and generate sales, it takes a bit of additional input that comes from outside the ecosystem. One should look at the example of already successful unicorns. They all have one common factor – having an experienced startup expert on their boards. Start-up experts come with a pool of vast knowledge in their areas of expertise, and bring along years of on-field experience to prove to be an exceptional asset for the company.

With the backing of over 15,000 industry stalwarts, at SpeakIn, the focus is essentially on learning from the best experts, based on a first-hand experience of the market.

Honouring the contributions and their extreme dedication towards helping startups grow, SpeakIn recognizes top 5 experts for startups in India, who have extensively provided subject-matter expertise and mentorship to start-ups. These industry experts have contributed greatly to several organizations, filling critical gaps and stand to be a huge asset to any startup advisory board.

Top 5 Startup Business Experts in India:

1. Ankur Pahwa, Partner, EY – With over 20 years of relevant consulting experience, Ankur is at the helm of the e-commerce and consumer internet sector. His areas of expertise lie in strategy and transactions, startups and innovation.

2. Jaideep Mehta, CEO, VCCircle – Jaideep is a business leader with a track record of delivering winning results. His effective management makes him an expert at angel investments, market research and change management.

3. Rajan Anandan, Managing Director, Sequoia Surge – With over 15 years of investing experience, Rajan has invested in many technology based start-ups. He has a deep knowledge about business transformation and is an established investment advisor, always looking for the next big unicorn.

4. Sanjay Mehta, Founder & Partner, 100X.VC- The immense knowledge of start-up world makes him a mastermind of the field. Sanjay has invested in 103 start-up companies till date in diverse sectors and has become an expert at financial advisory, management consulting, vendor management, negotiation and countless other sectors.

5. Alok Goel, Partner, SAIF Partners- Alok’s journey has been from being an entrepreneur to a venture capital investor and to being an advisor. Having seen it all, Alok has extensive knowledge of the startup ecosystem and excels in the e-commerce market and the product management sector of business.

SpeakIn is proud to feature these experts and continues on recognising many more such industry experts. To hear them talk on various industry topics, visit our website – 

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