Top 10 Trending Motivational Speakers in India – July 2020

 Over the last quarter, SpeakIn has been hosting online dialogues and discussions covering the most relevant issues featuring some of the most successful and credible industry leaders. All you need to know of an industry is authentically dissected in these pointed and simple webinar sessions.


The human spirit is an incorrigible changemaker. With half the year already behind us and coronavirus having become an afterthought, peoples and institutions are now working for innovations: classes are online, MOOCs are in, and a disruptive National Education Policy 2020 has also arrived. So, while a vaccine search for the novel coronavirus is underway, we continue our search for novelty.  


In the month of July, we addressed key issues as regards education, finance, healthcare, economy, consumer internet, and real estate, the discussions examined important aspects of a world still coping. In times of growing pessimism, top experts and motivational speakers from these industries, the necessity of change and adaptation, and how upheavals can help boil lives down to the essentials. 


SpeakIn Founder Deepshikha Anand describes how the organization adapted to the changing times: “We were already working on hybrid formats combining online learning with offline in-person sessions. With absolute transition becoming imperative for most of us, our e-learning platform is providing organisations to adopt online learning easily with wide array of experts..” 


Here is a list of Speakin’s top 10 trending inspirational speakers for the month of July – recognized for their efforts in shaping opinion and strategy during these uncertain times.


Jairam Ramesh (Economist, MP Rajya Sabha)

Jairam Ramesh is a well-known economist-politician. As a member of the INC, Ramesh has held several Ministerial portfolios during the UPA government. During the lockdown, Mr. Ramesh has been actively involved in forwarding suggestions to the Centre. On parliamentary committees not meeting virtually, he quoted, “How is it that even Pakistani Parliament can convene, but India, the world’s largest democracy and a tech-savvy nation can’t even meet virtually?



 Shiv Khera (International Bestselling Author, Educator, Motivator)

A household name courtesy of his book “You Can Win”, Mr. Shiv Khera is a bestselling author, educator, business consultant, and speaker. “Don’t hop from one news channel to another to hear the same news”, he requests. He suggests as a way to combat alienation and anxiety, “Help someone else, you’ll be vicariously helping yourselves.” live on August 16th as he hosts a live session on turning setbacks into comebacks



Nicolas Dumoulin (Managing Director, Michael Page India)

In his fifteenth year with Michael Page, Nicolas is the Managing Director at Michael Page India. He observed companies are now looking for skills related to digital transformation as well as technology, engineering, and data sciences. “These are in demand across the e-commerce, SaaS, gaming, performance marketing as well as mobility sectors,” Nicolas said.

Attend his live webinar on August 13th and learn how to hire better.



Shamika Ravi ( Research Director, The Brookings Institution)

Prof Shamika Ravi is known in India for her coronavirus analyses. An economist and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, she regularly tweets graphs and explanations showing fatality rates, active cases, contagion curves, etc.  She says on the recent increase in cases, “ We can still observe from the data that the case fatality rate is dropping rather sharply.” She advises states to ”significantly improve contact tracing to identify ‘super-spreader’ clusters.”

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Sachchidanand Shukla ( Chief Economist, Mahindra Group)

Carrying almost two decades of insight, Dr. Sachchidanand Shukla is the chief economist for the Mahindra group. Priorly, he was Chief of Axis capital Limited and ENAM.  Explaining India’s growth trends, he says, “We got caught in a perfect storm of global, structural, and cyclical issues, some by design and some by accident. And now the COVID shock.” Some redeeming points he mentions: “Oil is at 40, India has a current account surplus, and the rural side has been remarkably stable.”




Dinesh Singh (Chancellor, K R Mangalam University)

Padma Shri Professor Dinesh Singh is the renowned Indian professor of Mathematics who served as the 21st Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi. For him, COVID isn’t a threat to education. In his words, “Education, per se, is a standalone concept independent of the time we live in. It transcends the tyranny of geography and time.” He advises using a remarkably similar example, “Newton made all his discoveries when Cambridge shut down for the Plague and he went home.”

Watch his webinar on a “New Era of Education” here.



Dr.  Mahmoud Alburai ( Chairman, PropTech Community)

Dr. Mahmoud Alburai is the Chairman of the PropTech Community and a Senior Advisor at RERA Dubai. He greatly contributed to the meteoric rise of the UAE’s local network. Dr. Mahmoud firmly believes that in real estate, “Post-COVID, Digital infra is not a choice anymore. It is a part of competitiveness and survival.” If you go by his views, there is an increasing demand for green solutions and new technologies.



Vikram Rai (Country Head, GE Aviation – South Asia and Indonesia)

Vikram Rai currently heads the South Asia and Indonesia regions for GE Aviation, having also worked with Rolls Royce in the past. Vikram believes, “There’ll be a lot of pent-up demand that will be seen after we are able to defeat the virus. Till then, the best would be to not surrender to the situation and keep looking for solutions and opportunities”.
Watch his webinar on what lies ahead for the aviation sector in a post-covid world.



Rishi Gupta (MD & CEO, Fino Payments Bank)

The MD and CEO of FINO Payments Bank, Rishi has successfully steered the organization to profitability even during COVID. He has over two decades of experience across diverse verticals such as manufacturing and banking. He shares how in the pandemic, assets and liabilities have swapped places. Regarding operations, he reveals, “Basic banking for us was to keep ourselves open during this period and luckily, being part of essential services, we could do that.”



Urvashi Prasad ( Public Policy Specialist, Niti Aayog)

A regular participant in print and digital media, Urvashi Prasad is a Public policy specialist at NITI Aayog and founder of ‘Every Voice’. She advises factual and balanced reporting of the pandemic. “The fact that for most the disease is mild must also be stressed. There is a danger of people perceiving COVID as a death sentence.”


Author: Faisal Hasan

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