In August 2019, I got a chance to share my views on Gender Diversity in recruitment at hashtag#peoplematters hashtag#techhr2019 here are a few things that have worked for me in hiring a diverse workforce:

1. While identifying needs: Check for conscious or unconscious Bias, are women considered only for select roles? Present relevant data to tackle this bias!

2. While recruitment planning: Gender-neutral job descriptions attract more diverse applicants, check if the adjectives being used in descriptions are gender-specific. Include an Equal opportunity statement in the description to show your commitment! Check which source of hiring is more likely to give you a more diverse pool of candidates.

3. While searching & shortlisting: Go for resume masking and blind shortlisting (without names) based on specific merit criteria/skills/experience

4. While interviewing: Ensure a woman in every panel, train panellists to focus on job-related questions, ban personal questions that are gender-specific

5. For evaluation & selection: Encourage scoring based on performance on defined selection criteria + competencies and not on assumed expectations that are gender-specific

I am keen to hear which tools are working for you! hashtag#diverseworkforce hashtag#genderdiversity

Author: Rishu GargRishu Garg is an MBA professional, a finance graduate, an avid reader, a compulsive traveller, a budding etymologist and a passionate mother with profound experience in diverse processes & systems. Currently, she serves as the Vice President and Head of Human Resources at G4S. She has successfully worked for businesses spanning across new & old economies in deploying Business Strategy, Leading Change, enabling Performance, conceptualizing Rewards, identifying & engaging Top Talent, driving employee Engagement, enabling Diversity & Inclusion, coaching Leadership teams, building Capability, leveraging Technology. Prior to joining G4S, she was the Global Head of Organisation Development and Rewards at Essel Propack Limited. She has also been associated with Essar as a Deputy General Manager of Human Resources. Her key projects included Implementation of Balanced Scorecard, Innovation Program, Family Connect, Career Ladders, Recognition Program, Incentive Plans, 3D simulation Induction and Employee TV channel. She completed her MBA from Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development.

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