W For WOMEN – Women Leadership: New Age Imperatives

Women Weren’t Created To Do Everything A Man Can Do.

Women Were Created To Do Everything A Man Can’t Do.

Our Generation Is Becoming So Busy Trying To Prove That Women Can Do What Men Can Do So Much That Women Are Losing Their Uniqueness.

With The Second Largest Population In The World INDIA Generates 14 Percent Of The Global Talent Pool, Among Which Is Are The 5.5 Million Women Entering India’s Workforce Each Year, All Overwhelmingly Driven To Succeed.

To Cater Such A Huge Workforce, It Is The Need Of The Hour To Develop Women Leadership.

Let’s Look At The Few Qualities Which Makes Women A Strong Leaders:

–        FAIRNESS: As Parents, Women Are Continually Tested In The Ability To Be Fair In The Way They Treat Their Children, So The Commitments To Fairness Is Something We Expect In The Career As Well.

–        FLEXIBILITY: Being Flexible Is The Helpful Quality When Facing Conflict And Women Are Best At It.

–        COURAGE: Many Women Deals With A Variety Of Inner Fears; Some Are Logical And Some Aren’t. Women Overcome Fear By Facing It.

–        COMPASSION: Women Are Naturally Compassionate, They Have A Way Of Tuning Into The Moods, Feelings, And Problems Of Others. Caring For Others Is Always A Strength.

–        CALMNESS: This Is A Great To Have Quality That Lets Women Keep Their Thoughts Clear And Remain Focussed, Even In The Worst Of Situations.

–        CONFIDENCE: Standing Up In Front Of Other People Confidently While Expressing Their Opinions Is Something Many Women Do Well. This Confidence And Ability To Communicate Effectively Is The Reason Other Women Are Likely To See Them As Role Models.

I Am Associated With Aspire Foundation As An Official Mentor, Where We Mentor Women All Across The Globe And I Can Bet On One Quality Which Is Unmatched With Men Is Multitasking. This Is One Quality Which Is Very Much Required As A Leader Today.

So, In The End, I Would Like To Conclude With This That We Need More Women Leaders To Make The World A Better Place To Live And Sustain.

Author: Sohail AhmedThe Expert is a Senior Management Professional at Mentor My Way Inc. He is a sought after Speaker, Business and Life Strategist, Nutraceutical Consultant, Growth Catalyst, Author, Mentor and Coach. He Travels Extensively to Speak at various forums on Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Change, Network Marketing along with Speaking on Breakthrough Future Technologies Like Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, Digital Transformation And Their Impact On A Variety Of Industries, Society In General And Humanity At Large. He is also associated with Atal Innovation Mission, a Government of India�s endeavour to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. He runs a Popular Blog Mentor My Way which inspires and motivates people across the Globe In 150 + Countries.He is a honorary member at 3E Inovation Foundation and a creator at 21 SODD & PODD. Prior to this, he also held a senior position Human Rights Mission, Delhi.

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