Fueling Effectiveness and Efficiency at the Corporate Workplace

Ever wondered why the executive in the next cabin is able to accomplish all deadlines in a time-bound manner and does it with élan. Or why a certain corporate professional is the toast of the organization and maintains a rapport with all and sundry. What is the X-Factor required to ‘click’ at the workplace?  Read on…

1. Planning
In that order. Very important to set out priorities and work accordingly. Includes charting out a micro and macro level action plan for actionable items on a day-day, month-month and year-year basis and duly cushioning for emergency scenarios.

2. Analytical orientation
Corporate crises and exigencies call for a probing and an extremely analytical attitude towards problem-solving. Effective root-cause-analysis stems from this attitude, which helps in rounding off the edges and oblique points from the system, thereby avoiding the crises per se, moving forward.

3. Re-checking facts and figures
Current day dynamics of corporate world warrants zero skewness on your data accuracy. The information on your plate should be authentic and in sync with other related pieces of the puzzle. Remember any information that you present reflects your integrity and professionalism on the job.

4. Cheerful attitude
A cheerful and friendly demeanour at the workplace makes you approachable to the people who matter. Wear a warm smile and greet everyone, thereby breaking the ice and build confidence in others for you. They open up before you and hence intricate and critical information is not brushed under the carpet. You create a distinct rapport with colleagues and, at times, they walk that extra mile to accomplish targets and deadlines. There is an increased level of transparency and trust between stakeholders leading to efficient systems and information flow.

5. Setting a benchmark by practice
You should be proficient and prolific in your work area. Setting an example by actually doing the work goes a long way in others believing and hence bench-marking you. At the same time, it safeguards against someone who tries to play truant in the process. Simply put, ‘practice before preaching’.

The above are some of the ground rules for transforming into an able leader from the executive next door.

Do you have it in you to be a leader? Check and see.

Author: Vivek BhattThe expert is a management professional with 19+ heady years of key account management and sales in digital, content, kpo and e-commerce domains. He has a proven track record of setting up accounts and successfully implementing projects using negotiation and customer engagement strategies. He was associated in the past in setting up and consolidating pioneering products in e-learning/content/Internet space. The expert has ability and skills in executing innovative digital product solutions via deep customer engagement. His professional roles entail enabling communication strategies for business growth. He has vast experience in cross-functional, end-end management and follow-through of high stakes, high worth digital projects across NA, EMEA and APAC markets including post closure sustenance and cultivation of the account. The expert’s key area lies in driving sales - approx 400k annually - and establishing accounts, successfully transitioning and delivering projects worth approx $1mn annually. With keen emphasis on leveraging technologies and workflow procedures to enhance process efficiency leading to customer delight, the expert is an adept communicator, coach, mentor and speaker. Areas of interest include leadership development, positive thinking and societal trends. Avid blogger and social media enthusiast, he frequently writes on cinema, business and organizational learning.

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