The Role of Corporate Speaker During COVID-19: Q&A with Amit Jadhav

Corporate strategy can be defined as examining a particular portfolio approach that aims to develop a strategic decision-making process by analysing competitors’ moves to determine the tactic for creating maximum value. For creating a corporate strategy, the firms have to consider various factors and the current ongoing situation.

 How having a corporate strategy helps?

If your firm has a pre-determined corporate strategy, it can prove a business saving factor in detrimental times. With the world facing an unprecedented Covid-19 crisis, utilizing a solid corporate strategy becomes even more important. This never happened before the pandemic era. Your prefixed corporate strategies can face a hit as each day is like a challenge for the business owners and their employees.

With uncertainty prevailing all over the world as of now, it is evident that your corporate strategy can face insurmountable challenges. Writing the strategies on paper or with a marker on the board in your meeting room is different from the actual implementation of the same as it’s laden with numerous internal challenges.

How to solve corporate problems?

With the employees working from home, remote places and even brands functioning with minimized staff, they are bound to get impacted. To ensure your business doesn’t disappear altogether, you need to take some strong decisions. The best and simplest way of re-energizing your team in this prolonging Covid-19 situation is by inviting a Corporate speaker.

Let us look at the role of a corporate speaker in this Covid-19 era and how to emerge as a stronger brand by getting into a Q&A session with Corporate Speaker Amit Jadhav, whose #ReclaimTheLifeYouDeserve is a huge hit among his attendees.

Q – What does a Corporate Speaker do and tell us about yourself 

A corporate speaker has a sound understanding of the corporate world and delivers anecdotes to the audience to learn about business strategies from established brands.

I have been working as a corporate speaker for the last 18 years and have delivered lectures even for the fortune 500 global companies.

Q – What do you suggest in today’s times for the business owners? 

It is true that the current situation is extremely excruciating but as you know “The Show Must Go On”. This is when the business owners, perhaps their HR department, must keep engaging lectures from corporate speakers to motivate their employees and look at every difficult situation with a new perspective. In short, they should hire me!

Q – Are the corporate strategies shifting due to Covid-19?

There will be a paradigm shift as most corporates adapt to online business marketing strategies to maintain their customers and attract new leads.

Q – What you do exactly in your session?

My corporate speaker session depends on the topic my client wants me to deliver. I have many industry bigwigs as my clients, and it includes big names like Forbes Marshall, PMI, CMDA, Club Mahindra and many more well-known businesses. I assist the audience in realising their true potential and conveying my keynotes in an engaging manner such that they are bound to implement the takeaways after attending my session.

Q – Your workshops have become the talking point these days. Can you elaborate?

Apart from being an effervescent Corporate Speaker, I conduct various workshops such as #ReclaimTheLifeYouDeserve, Internet of Things (IoT), Social Selling, Social Media Marketing etc. Instead of telling what these workshops include, I will say that let your employees participate and learn!

Q – How much do you charge for a Corporate Speaker session? 

I charge according to the given topic and the size of the audience. To know about the exact amount, let’s discuss the call.

Q – Why the client keeps coming back to you?

My corporate speaker sessions are becoming famous and fruitful. Perhaps that is the reason my clients and their employees are interested in having more sessions from me!

Q – How can the audience easily connect with you?

It is because of my ability to deliver the speech in English, Marathi and Hindi! I can easily catch the listener’s perspective and change my speech’s content accordingly to derive the desired results.

Q – Lastly, what role is a corporate speaker playing in Covid-19?

In Covid-19, I help the clients re-strategize their business plans and make the most of this opportunity. If you want to know how this can be done, hire me!

So that’s all from this blog, folks. Through this short questionnaire, you can understand what role a Corporate speaker plays in the turbulent times of Covid-19. Amit Jadhav is an established Corporate Speaker and has offered his services to more than 50 companies to date. You can read his last blog here.

Hire Amit!

If your employees need an uplift and want to bounce back in this Covid-19 pandemic, hire me. I am the best Corporate Speaker in Pune and have a sound understanding of the business strategies to be adopted in the current situation to make your brand popular. I can tell you numerous ideas that will give huge profit margins for your organization. To know more about it, book your next corporate speaker conference session with me.

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