We are born champions, but we obliterate the qualities that we have ingrained by birth over time.  However, we can train to become human champions.  To do so, we must improvise the already existing qualities with a sharp mind and dedication.  We want to be loved and noted by others, but we are reluctant to reciprocate.  Many of us admire others for their skills, charisma and sometimes for their physical and mental strength.  All of us have certain strong qualities in general, and once we start to focus on them, we can scale greater heights to call ourselves champions.

We are in diverse fields, and we want to prove our power and achievement in a jiffy. Understand, we are the limited version with more potential and calibre.  Please stop talking about the past and thinking about the future. Learn to amalgamate the past and the future in the present because only the present is a PRESENT.

To be successful in your life – develop five important traits:

  • Confidence in you: Dream big to achieve great success in life and always be confident in achieving it.  Understand your capabilities and judge what you have in positive ways.  Do not worry about the fizzles in your life; believe that you are born to win.  Move on to prove that you are confident about your life. Try your best in giving and winning every small or big challenge in your life.  Equip yourself to face any big battle with great confidence.
  • Learn to unlearn: Learn to unlearn is a quick sense of self-improving oneself.  People are ready to speak but not to listen. Many are skilful to learn but learn to unlearn will make you understand your power and ability in the mad race though you are not on track. Motivate yourself to evaluate your resilience to taste the fruit of humane success.
  • Stay positive: To be positive is an art, as many are unwilling to stay positive in various murky situations. The situations drag them in the mire, not allowing them to swim or to come to shore. Your experience is a lesson to stay positive as you are the designer of your thoughts and actions.
  • Understand the power within: Every day is a chance for you to give a better version of yourself to the world of happiness.
  • Never give up: Always have hope on the last straw of existence to break the barriers and conquer the world of opportunities.

The world is for us, and understand the sky is not the limit.  We save our world to make the world of others to be filled with peace and happiness.

Author: Beena Anil

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