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Stabilize the Situation | Reimaging Sales Sustain Momentum | Build Actionable Strategy

As a leader, you’re responsible for providing psychological safety to your employees, care them, and reduce stress through positive communication and finding ways to keep everyone focused on the job.

It’s a great time to revamp your Business development strategy, build brand image, don’t stop Prospects finding, Build quality sales funnel through Smart Sales and marketing tactics.

Covid-19 pandemic no doubt affects the worldwide economy at all levels of the businesses. No matter how big or small you’re, your revenue cycle definitely affected heavily. Business Owners are not sure about the future, adopting a risk-averse approach, and uncertain about sustainability.

But here is the time when you need to be Optimistic, identify opportunities, diversify business units, cope with the change and be proactive instead of sitting back and hoping for the best in the future without actions. Indeed, the ability to grow will separate the pack leaders when the global economy rebounds, as it eventually will.

“Be Proactive, Optimistic, Flexible, and adopt changes or else you’ll be disappear soon”.                                                                       Ali Danish

A lot of learning’s we got from the COVID-19 crisis; We came to know how important to have diversification, online and offline businesses model, never depend on one business line, think ahead and add technology in business, remote working, virtual meetings, virtual training’s and diversifying business strategy is also important. It saves time, energy, travelling cost and above all, we enjoy our family life too.

Tactically, here are a few ideas to beat the blues:

  1. Don’t Stop Prospecting and Engage Existing Clients- Focus on your target audience and don’t stop prospecting. Connect with your existing and new customers through online meetings such as; GoToMeeting, Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google meet, etc. Engage them, participate, and nurture new connections continuously.
  2. Redesign your approach- Learn about a new sector or industry that previously you did not cater to: pharma, healthcare industry, telecom, insurance, etc.  So you’ll get a new line, increase prospects, and chances are brighter to sell more now and in the coming future.
  3. Educate your customers- Start a newsletter or a podcast, and share success stories of how your other customers find success with your product/solutions. Take your previous customers’ reviews and share them on your social platforms. This will bring optimism to your prospect and keep you at the top of your mind while showing your company is still alive and kicking.
  4. Analyze your previous Quarters- Learn from the past, connect dots behind and build a more sound and successful future. Analyze your previous 2-3 quarters, find out the slow-moving and fast-moving items/services, review marketing and sales tactics or tools you used to work better or add cost. Add/remove the findings based on facts, set more realistic future goals, and develop a better S&M strategy.
  5. Revenue Centers- Focus on your core products /services, never leave your recurring revenue because here you have a competitive advantage, cross-selling and up-selling definitely works here, build a new revenue unit by diversification which attached as a completely separate unit but support/align with the existing business cycle.
  6.  Audit your Social Media and Rethink- Review previous quarters and focus more on the current situation, share messages of hope, support, care, safety, comfort, and well-being, work on content to make it more relevant, authentic, eye-catching, adds polls and quizzes to enhance engagement,  shift towards digital marketing, SEO is magic which enhances ranking, and brings traffic so focus on SEO.  For example, Gucci regularly posts quotes and life stories that inspire hope and creativity.
  7. Engage with More Videos and Creative Visuals- Studies shows, Pictures, and videos engage 144% more of the audience and boost the buying process. Play videos, share more customer reviews in video forms, product demos, tutorials, and training, and schedule your marketing campaigns.
  8. Weekly Meeting: Meet with your team once a week virtually, review processes and performance. The purpose is to develop short-term actions to stabilize sales, generate liquidity, develop a strategy on how to sell during the crisis, and provide psychological safety through close coordination and timely communication.
  9. Design Better Emails and Engage Audience: Use clearer, single column, relevant, concise, and visually attractive emails and add the CTA button. Use better subject lines instead of a discount, win the prize, etc., be relevant with your product, content, and visuals are important, so don’t ignore them. Webinars and online sessions increase engagement and bring quality leads.
  10. Alter Performance Management System and incentive schemes– Keep motivate your team, alter the PMS & announce incentives floor in the current context. Don’t put pressure. In fact, enhance support and help them to achieve results.

“Your Actions demonstrates commitments”

                                        -Ali Danish-

Author: Ali DanishAli has a passion for exploring people, cutting red tapes of the traditional style of management, BREAKTHROUGH, sharing knowledge, and learning instinct has led his career to become a seasonal trainer, coach, and OD consultant. As a change-orientated professional, he has over 12 years of people management and development experience. He trained and facilitates more than a thousand professionals and high-profile senior executives from Board level to certified members, CEOs to departmental heads, College and University Students across the globe to accomplish their goals.

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