We all are going through really tough situations. It’s a black swan event, and none of us was ready for it. Same case with organisations as well. Everyone has a limitation to protect and feed us. We should be capable enough to protect and feed ourselves. Are we skilled enough to be retained by our employee?

Let me run you through a discussion I had a few days ago with someone. (Name changed)

Sreerag: I am jobless now. My company sent me without thinking what will happen to me?

Me: Do you know the reason?

Sreerag: Management only thinks for them. They are not worried about the people working for them.

Me: Okay, I got it. Now, will you tell me what the reason for layoff is?

Sreerag: Since March, we don’t have many projects coming in. Still, we were working on our internal projects. I was so dedicated to the work that I stayed back with my company when others looked for options. Even after all that, my company asked me to go.

Me: Was your company paying you from March till July? And did they give you full & final, and what about the PF and other benefits?

Sreerag: All that was there. But that won’t be sufficient for me to run my future and my family.

Me: You told me that the company wasn’t thinking about you. If they weren’t, why do you think they still paid you when they didn’t have projects?

Sreerag: That is because I was working on internal projects.

Me: Do internal projects fetch them returns?

Sreerag: In the long run, yes.

Me: Great! They had time for the returns to show up. Still, they paid you for 5 months. When they sent you, they made sure to secure you for another 6 months at least.

When others looked for options, you concentrated only on your work. You didn’t bother to look at your future and made yourself equipped to face unexpected circumstances.

Do you think your company has sent you because they wanted to, or they sent you because they had no choice?

Sreerag: They had no projects, and I agree with that.

Me: I am glad that you know it.

When you can improve your skills which may help you in the long run, you should take it up. One thing which current times have taught us is that the unexpected can hit us at any time. Luxuries that we felt are inevitable are just fantasies. The biggest luxury that you have in your own life.

Author: Manisha Vishal

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