People have always neglected the importance and power of the mind. This is prevalent in the notions that they use regarding the connection between hard work and success. It is believed that hard work always results in success, which entails that these two are mutually exclusive. However, what this type of perception lacks is the strong influence of the human’s brain and thoughts on the process, which in my opinion, is a vital element in achieving anything in life. Hence, I would like you to join me in this journey to clarify step by step how the mind is the key to success.

Let’s start with the brain. Think of it as a force field transmitting energy, which is thoughts, and it is these exact thoughts that are being put out there in the universe to attract the like. Now, what people tend to understand here is that each thought is separate and independent from the other, far from reality. Thoughts are all interconnected, and it is always that the strongest and most dominant ones prevail. That being said, whenever you feed your mind with positive energy and ideas, it will start exerting that exact energy. This also works the other way around when you start feeding your mind with negative thoughts and letting them dominate. As such, that’s when you will start attracting the negativity.

Moreover, let’s take this a step further by asking this question: Why is it when you wake up in the morning feeling like you’re in a bad mood, then going on through the day you notice things getting worse? This is because the dominant thoughts in your head are reflecting and attracting such negativity. Now the next question is: how do I change that? The answer is quite simple but easier said than done. You wake up in the morning feeling that you are not in the right mood or possibly angry. What I recommend you to do is to make yourself aware of that exact moment. Start by asking yourself why I in a bad mood am? Most of the time, people fail to have a valid answer for it. Hence, what you have achieved at this moment is awareness, or what is called “emotional awareness”. It is here where you realised that there is no valid reason to be in such a state. Thus, the next step for you to do is change that by telling yourself that you wouldn’t let a random thing dictate how the rest of your day will go on. But what if you have a valid reason for being that way? Maybe you argued the night before, or you feel demotivated into heading off to a job that you don’t really like. Then, the next step to take is asking yourself: “Is feeling this way be able to change anything?” If the answer is no, then you get yourself aware that negative feelings usually tend to make the situation worse. So, you can either list the things you can do to improve your situation or find yourself a reason to keep you going, an end goal. In fact, there are many techniques you can use today to get yourself aligned with what you want to achieve in life; however, none of them teaches you how to adjust your brain towards such a goal or achievement. If you feel like you are unsatisfied with your current situation, then don’t simply try to drag it on, thinking that it will just go away by itself. All you need to do is make yourself aware of it. Once that is done, you can put an action plan into changing your situation for the better.

Furthermore, now that I have gone through the concept of emotional awareness, I would like to head to the next step in the process, which is: how to get your mind in the right direction of achieving your goal? Once you get into developing an action plan with clear steps on how you will achieve your end goal, all you have to do is live by it. By doing that, you have entered a state of mind that will help create a flame inside you, known as motivation. Once that has been established, it is up to you to feed your mind with positive thoughts and keep that flame growing bigger and bigger. However, no matter what happens in the way, never let your doubts or negativity tip the balance because once that happens, you will be creating a chain of reaction that will either block you from going on or get you back where you started. Hence, always keep on going and trust that each step you take is getting you closer to your end goal. And, if you hit a setback and feel like giving up, then think of the exact reason that got you started from the beginning.

I would like us to look at the different techniques you can use to keep yourself focused on the game. The tricky part here is to find what suits you best because one technique might work for some but not others. So, try some of them and see how you respond to each. Once you got that covered, then you can train yourself into making it a habit. In fact, I can share with you one technique that works for me, which is meditation. I believe that meditation gives us access to certain areas in our brain that are otherwise difficult to reach while being engaged in our day-to-day life. The reason for seeing it that way is that our brain gets very routinized with what we do during the day, which eventually creates a chain that keeps on repeating itself. Thus, by meditating, you are redirecting your brain to a different path that has been innate. Once you re-introduce it to such a path, you will start seeing a new sequence of thoughts appearing. And, as you start meditating regularly, your brain will learn to open up all the paths, which will ultimately create a never-ending chain of thoughts. That being achieved, you have now gained access to which you can redirect your brain to any direction you would like. Hence, all that’s left is hard work and determination, in which the latter is already in its motion with the flame of motivation striving within you.

As I conclude this article, I would like to say that success does not simply rely on hard work only, not when the mind is the main guiding factor that gives it the momentum it needs to prevail. As such, we create our own reality, and having control over the power of the mind means access to the ability to achieve whatever and reach wherever in life. Whether it was happiness, wealth, or success, it is all within your reach, and if you believe it is truly yours, then all you have to do is claim it. Finally, I hope that whatever has been shared previously would guide you in achieving your dreams and goals.

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