Fixed Mindset vs Innovative Mindset

A fixed mindset is how most of us have been raised. However, one of the essential skills today is a growth mindset.

Let us first understand, what do I mean by fixed mindset?

A way of looking at things with a certain point of view which is commonly followed.

For example, how many of us have made a scenery painting in childhood? If you can recall the elements, it was a house/hut, rising or setting sun behind the mountains along with flying birds, a tree beside the house, a pathway or river, clouds and grass. Isn’t this true about many of us? Why have we never thought of making something else? Maybe a jungle or anything different?

Because that is the way our mind is conditioned to think. The root is at the many things around us: education system, parenting, culture, society, peer pressure and many more.

I’m not saying it’s their fault. Because even these all have followed it from the other generations. But this is the time we should start developing a growth mindset.

How do we define success?

A successful person is generally considered to be the one who earns a lot of money, or gets a promotion or has a luxurious lifestyle and to achieve that, we are being told to be competitive from childhood, we decide a benchmark in the class, the one with the highest rank, and we keep on comparing ourselves with that one to decide our worth. This is a classic example of a fixed mindset.

Why can’t we define success in some other way? A non-traditional, contemporary way?

Maybe we can. Say I make 10 people happy every month, I’ll be able to create a clan of 120  happy souls within a year, and that’s how I define success.

Let’s start thinking out of the box, develop a growth mindset and think bigger than our current perspective. If we can do that to ourselves, we will surely be able to inculcate a growth mindset for our coming generations.

A growth mindset will allow everyone to be different and unique and decide exclusive parameters for everything they do in life. A growth mindset will challenge people to try out different things without having to fear failure. This is how we can tap the potential to the optimal level and create a healthier, happier, and growing culture.


Author: Dr. Shraddha KulkarniDr. Shraddha Kulkarni Mrs India | International Speaker | Inspirational Woman 2021| World Peace Ambassador | Transformational Image Coach & Consultant

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