Sex – a Stairway to Spiritual Fulfilment

Matter without spirit is nothing and spirit without matter is a ghost – both of which refer to the dead.


As evolved spiritual life forms, we hold reverence for everything as a constituent of creation. Everything that exists is a part of creation and has significance to our existence. In all honesty, humans are here because of sex. However, sex still remains a complexity to us.

The evolution of the human race was influenced by religions, society, cultures, and traditions. The fundamental view in various cultures and traditions that body and soul are separate has had grave consequences. The idea-centric to this division emphasized that for the soul to advance, the body has to restrain from sensual pleasures, including sex. This resulted in shame being associated with an act that should be honored and sanctified. Our body and soul remained intertwined till our last breath. Sex at a basic level is an act of procreation for the propagation of species. An act of ‘creation’ is the foundation of everything that exists and should, therefore, hold a place of worship. Ancient pagan cultures reinstate this fact and consider sex as a sacred spiritual act symbolizing love, fertility, beauty, and pleasure.

Fulfillment of the body can be taken into a realm where the experience fulfills and satisfies our soul. Sex can be an extremely intimate and liberating experience which when understood as sacrosanct helps us to unfold an unimaginable world of pleasure and connectivity with our partner. Many ancient cultures state that sex is deeply revealing about those aspects of a partner, which may not be understood otherwise. Sex helps us to unveil ourselves and our partner as our behavior in bed reflects our complexes, inhibitions, and barriers. It is a space that is free of judgment and where every creative act adds to our pleasure. However, lack of attention to the nuances, and going through sex without being mindful often leaves the experience deficient and hollow. The finer part of human sexuality remains undiscovered due to a mechanistic approach. When we let go and flow with the intention to become one with our partner, we can swing gracefully between our earthly desires and divinity. Lovemaking can be experienced as a sacred ritual involving both temporal and eternal aspects.

Spirituality and sexual expression challenge the ego at the core, as both require letting go of the self. Both require being present at the moment with no past or future and both require practice. Numerous traditions consider the peak moment of sexual energy as the death of the ego.


It is extremely important to understand that every sexual encounter has its implication on our aura, the biological energy field around us. Aura contains a person’s personality as well as emotional baggage. We are energy beings and sex is a process of fusion that involves an individual’s entire being. Sex results in the interchange of energies that can be felt by both partners. Casual sex with multiple partners will result in an aura having vibrational imprints of various partners leaving us confused and in a poor vibrational state. Sex is not simply a hunger to be satisfied. Love is an important ingredient to experience sex in all its glory.


Those who condemn sex and suppress it are haunted by it all their life. Sex with all the taboos and suppression still remains the biggest industry in the world. A refined morality is a result of one’s contemplation and cannot be pushed down.

If we understand sex as a soulful activity we will never abuse it but regard it as a ritual, which requires reverence.

Author: Anupama GargAnupama Garg conducts experiential programs for corporates / organizations / hospitals / educational institutes / individuals from all walks of life. Students & patients comprise from top management, dignitaries and individuals.

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