It has been over a year since the Corona virus outbreak shattered the world and changed it forever. The economic damage that COVID19 has caused is almost unfathomable. More so, billions of lives have been impacted by the virus in one way or another, and it still looks relentless. History is a witness that humanity has always found a way out to fight, survive and thrive in times of disease. It is hence, only about time that situation will resume to normal and people can once again go back to leading their lives normally.

Every battle needs a solid strategy to be won and the battle against COVID19 is no different. Today, we are all aware of the countless precautions, home treatments and isolation guidelines that have been imprinted on our eyelids thanks to news channels, WhatsApp forwards and social media posts. Everytime a celebrity comes on the television to warn us about the dangers of the virus, the natural voice that comes from the back of the brain says – “We know!”. On top of all this, every individual (especially those who have experienced COVID19 closely) has a different approach towards protection from COVID19 or survival through COVID19. We have managed to create an army of people who are breathing in hot steam, drinking the most horrible tasting fluids, inhaling camphor vapors and chanting anti-covid mantras. We are, today, living in an age of covid paranoia where the entire population is both scared and frustrated.

Unlike many common ailments, the fight against COVID19 is both physical and mental. Today we are witnessing a good chunk of people in the covid impacted regions going above and beyond their ways to earn their livelihood, taking care of their loved ones and serving as “Corona Warriors” – assisting families that have been hit hard by covid. People are doing everything that the situation allows except for looking after themselves. Working long hours and taking care of others has led to a complete neglect of personal well-being which is now proving to be a major douceur for COVID19 to further penetrate where it was earlier impossible to.

Over a year of studying and working from home has led to a sedentary lifestyle for almost everyone. To make matters worse, everyone is isolated from the outside world with no resource to relieve stress or tension. While educational institutions continue to embezzle funds from the students and corporations are saving a fortune on office space and travel, it is the people who are paying the price with their health. Long sitting hours coupled with mental distress have already started causing problems of blood pressure, cholesterol disbalance, weight gain, depression, anxiety and overwhelming levels of frustration. People are constantly looking at and living in artificial light and breathing stale air. The impact has gone even beyond physical and psychological level and reached sociological levels where, on one hand the familial relationships are suffering as people are having trouble “finding room for themselves”, while on the other, the societal relationships are weakening due to prolonged social isolation. The combined effects of all these have severely weakened the immune system that is in turn making it a child’s play for covid to get us. The mutation of the virus sadly is not just biological, but at the same time also “social”.

The need of the hour is to focus on personal health and well-being. There is an information overload about what can be done to improve one’s health that honestly can be mind-boggling. But what has so far worked the best for everyone is a focus, not on the task or exercise, but on the end result. It all eventually comes down to the ultimate goal for good physical health, good mental health, upliftment in mood, and an acquiescent lifestyle. While the information overload will only perplex people further, the easiest solution is to talk to someone – preferably an expert – and stick with their advice. Expert opinions are doing wonders today and there are thousands who have benefitted from their advice. There are many successful case studies where there has been a drastic improvement in overall well-being after interactions (both prescriptive and non-prescriptive) with doctors, motivational coaches, psychologists and fitness experts. People who have started to focus more on personal wellness have been able to contribute more towards helping others. Moreover, there has been an increase in productivity and motivation levels once mental health starts improving.

The fight against COVID19 is still on and it is critical to understand that any compromise on personal well-being strengthens the virus’ position against us. As the well known proverb goes “Charity begins at home”. And to begin the journey of personal wellness, the most logical way is to connect with a guide who can define the right plan for you. The time is now – Reach Out!

SpeakIn is supporting the cause of personal well-being for both individuals and organizations during these testing times. If you or anyone you know needs to get in touch with the right experts for credible advice, please write to us at

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