Humility and a friendly demeanor is the quickest route to get the audience to agree to your point of view in decisive presentations.

Assuming neutral content, a presenter’s likability is critical to how well his/her message is received. And likability is ALWAYS a two way street.

For your audience to like you, you have to like them first, and show it as you interact before, during and after the presentation. I have seen the best of presentations suffer just because the presenter oozed superiority – totally unnecessary, isn’t it? The fact that you are the one standing and talking is proof enough that you are in a higher chair at that point.

Audience’s unconscious perception is critical in a decider presentation, shape it with your smile.


Author: Deepshikha KumarDeepshikha is the founder and Managing Partner at SpeakIn - India's first and largest consortium of business experts servicing over 200 areas of expertise. The winner of 2017 Asia Women Icon Award for entrepreneurship she works with speakers, industry experts and thought leaders globally, engaging these leaders to inspire, motivate and channelize events.

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