Life Deck – 7th Card from the Book

This week I am happy to share card no. 7 on Problems from the book:

We all have them in some shape, size or form. 


Unpack: The solution often hides in the problem itself and hence it is wise to unpack it. It also gives you a chance to look it from a different lens. Breaking it down into bite sizes helps you to manage them effectively. 


Stack: Stacking for problem-solving means, to find and create a neat pile of actions to solve an everyday problem that you just unpacked. Once done, the vital point is to implement them in a way the every activity complement and take you closer to your desired outcome. Let’s say losing weight is your problem. Let’s see how stacking can help you achieve weight loss. 

Source- The Life Deck

Repack: Once you discover your stack, start to implement them. Your combined effort in the implementation of your stacks will work as your solution package. 


Author: Anish BahetiAnish Baheti is the founder of Train My Brain® and Concepts Coach®, he has over a decade, delivered many inspiring, energizing and engaging sessions both locally and globally. His sessions are based on two core principles: Keep It Short & Simple and create an awesome experience that touches heart.

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